GM’s Prologue


The Telecommunications industry which witnessing a rapid continuous change and development is driven by the need to bandwidth means that can fulfill and respond to the overwhelming floating of DATA and MULTIMEDIA Applications. From here, the stress to modernizing and upgrading the communications networks infrastructure by migrating to Fibre Optic network solution has become unavoidable and determined.

Our state-of-the-art pragmatic experiences in the industry of Fiber Optic Networks for inside plant project-ISP and outside plant project-OSP, besides, the integrated cutting-edge solutions starting from the consultation services, surveying, planning, designing, developing, devices installation, monitoring and auditing, and ending with our continuous loyalty to our strategic partners and clients to remaining supportive after the project completion all together are allowing us to be the first option vendor in this industry.

We in TAMDEED Project, one of ETISALAT Service Holding Subsidiaries-ESH, with our FO advanced knowledge portfolio keeping an eye out over the GCC Region for long term strategic understandings and partnerships, encouraging and welcoming our brothers to exploit our rich portfolio in modernizing and maximizing their communications networks’ capacities to achieve enhanced high quality communications, Internet surfing, TV Cables streaming and data communications.

We are in the UAE proud of being the first country on the worldwide level who committed to complete the Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) project and accomplishing the migration process from the old copper-based networking system to the latest FO networking integrated solutions by 2011.

In TAMDEED we are driven by quality, competitive prices and accurate schedule-based performance. We ultimately, count on our huge different capacities and reckon on the approved and certified Project Management System by a number of leading certification bodies.

TAMDEED Projects values are more than casual mottos crystallizing our business image in an open Market where the competitors use every possible means to survive and strive to get their market shares. Our values which are extending without limitation drive us to communicate and interact internally within ETISALAT our dear Mother Corporation, and externally with all slices of our precious communities to initiate with our role, side by side with the others’ loyal efforts, in achieving our high strategic goals and building together our bright future.

Our Project Management, the administrative officers and the technical skillful Workforces which exceeding 2000 technicians are highly recognized for their extraordinary exerted efforts to make our dream a fact. They are all working day and night to accomplishing our unique project at the UAE level, and here, it gives me a great pleasure and a sense of satisfaction considering the remarkable achievement in term of the operational parameters, and I take this opportunity to extend my utmost gratitude to the success they achieved by their dedication and responsibilities they assumed in migrating to the second generation technologies of FO Networks.

Finally, I assure our dear strategic partners that we will not hesitate to enable them to have access to the most advanced technology available at an affordable cost.

Tareq Salman
General Manager/TAMDEED Projects LLC