Tamdeed Projects’ records showed that the outdoor FO cabling has exceeded 7000KM, 60,000 joints and more than 100,000 terminations, whereas, the indoor FO cabling has transcended 5000KM, 1000KM of copper cabling, 70,000 RJ45 terminations, 120,000 FO terminations and more than 50,000 Optical Distribution Frame (ODF).

Our technical teams have completed more than 70% of the network in Abu Dhabi, and over 50% in Dubai, while the network installation in Northern Emirates is still in its first phase, and by that, we have installed more than 300,000 FO devices out of 1.4 Million.

The National GPON Project of UAE which started in 2007 is still open and accordingly, the achievement indicators are also open and not finalized and will keep increasing on daily base, however, the entire framework of this project is planned to be completed in 2011.